Posted by: vivaty | April 11, 2008

juicy good

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at Vivaty. Thanks for fanning us on our FB page and for all the emails, signups, and mostly for your patience.  We expect to open the floodgates very slowly and cautiously at first, and we’re getting close to a wave of invites next week.  

While we’re working hard to finish up some avatars and shave off a few seconds in load time, a couple people here took a look back at what they liked on the web.  Thought we’d share. Our past life list included: meeting random people on IRC chat, a strange site called “What’s in my Fridge?” from 1996, and the Flash series called Radiskull & Devil Doll (true UGC before UGC existed). 

Our “now” web list: getting lost on Flickr, the endless 3D wall from Cooliris, Chirp‘s desktop goodness, Diggnation for podcasts, Seeqpod for music search without downloads, and Hulu for classic Office clips like Dwight in Second Life.

When you mash up all of these things – 3D, photos, music, user creativity, user opinions, live communication, and video – we hope to get some magic in what we’re building. Send us ideas on what you like, maybe we can throw it into the mix.  Stay tuned.



  1. As far as wish lists go, I’d love a Turntable. In fact as long as I’m wishing, a pair of TECHNICS SL-1200 GLD Direct Drive Turntables and mixer with a cross fader that I could load music urls  and mix tracks together. and mixer with a cross fader that I could load music urls and mix tracks together. Now that would be sweet!

  2. whoops…mea culpa, bad mixing 😦

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