Posted by: vivaty | April 23, 2008


We’re in the midst of planning how to involve a wider community of creators to participate on the Vivaty platform. Just think: your own interactive lamp, a floor to ceiling fish tank, your own line of hot tubs… We personally can’t wait for people like Carmen, one of our beta testers, to create stuff in Vivaty. We know there are many “voices” out there and many who will experiment in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

If you’re a creator, developer, or frankly anyone with an opinion, we’d love to hear what you’d want most from a new platform that’s browser-based. Create, create WHAT?, participate, participate HOW?, all of the above?  Email us at




  1. I haven’t gotten into the private beta yet, but in general I think that a couple of the things that keep me out of developing in these environments are complexity and impact. How tough is it to get started and do what I want to do and how much does the application itself impact everything else. Is it obtrusive? Is it easy to get in/out?

    Just a couple of ideas…

  2. nformationdesign, you’ve brought up some important points. Here’s a thought you may want to consider. If you get involved in the private beta then with your experience with the platform, you’d be able to give constructive feedback to its developers. As early adopters we would help to create the balance – be the ‘voice’ for the users.

    Vivaty will surely expand its features and becoming involved at this early stage and growing with Vivaty as it grows would certainly curtail the perception of complexity.

    To be honest, it is not difficult to get started at all. Once you’re in it’s pretty much intuitive. The menu at the bottom of the screen is simple and the images are self explanatory.

    It was easy to upload photos from flickr and even a video! Since Vivaty is browser enabled it also feels as if you’re in another window “which you are” except for the fact that this “window” is LIVE!

    I hope to see you inside!


  3. Is this platform compliant with the OpenGL and Web3D standards? If it is, it should be simple to create objects like a beach umbrella for the pool, without having to be a professional developer. You could use something basic like Google Sketchup to create the object and export it in a standard format.

    The other question is, do these objects have to be posted to a website in order to bring them into your scene, or could they be uploaded directly. Either way could work, but direct uploading would be easier for most of us amateurs.

    JIm Black

  4. Well I have been testing and playing with both betas and I feel that this platform has the potential to be a hugh player in the 3D interactive market. I am very used tot the feel since its based on the X3D/VRML. I have been building worlds for VRML for about 7 years and I would love to see the ability to upload or atleast link to items created by users. I for one would build items for vivaty.. Good job so far and keep it up!

  5. Great interface, clever the way it works with Facebook. I have been building and modeling in VRML for a few years and it would be great to be able to add your own content.

  6. hey guys, thanks for the posts. we will be releasing more info about the first phase of our creator program soon. stay tuned!

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