Posted by: vivaty | May 13, 2008

Beta user feedback

It’s been a while since we blogged but the product and dev teams have been working hard on all your reported fixes. We’re making great progress here so thanks for your patience. We love users who are vocal, even with nits, so keep it coming here or at

So far, our survey results show the top 3 reasons why people MOST like Vivaty are:

  1. To change the look of my scene
  2. To change the look of my avatar
  3. To explore friends’ scenes

Now on #3, we realize your friends are probably not (yet) in Vivaty since we still have Facebook invites turned off. But we’re eager to hear what you’d like to do once you’re in a friend’s scene – spy, cruise around, have a chat, feed their fish, raid their closet, etc. Please let us know.

Here are 3 of our favorite user comments and some early fan art.


“It’s FUN to have/edit my own room in Facebook! In my opinion, need avatar-editing (it could be cool if i could make my avatar using photos of my facebook-photoalbum), wanna send virtual items to friends or rate other people’s rooms.”
– Akira Gonaikawa

“It was easy to upload photos from flickr and even a video! Since Vivaty is browser enabled it also feels as if you’re in another window “which you are” except for the fact that this “window” is LIVE!”
– Carmen Villadar

“Actually I could rant quite a bit about where I am with Vivaty, but simply put, I’m in love with it. It’s the only facebook app (I realise it’s much more than a facebook app) I’ve ever seen thats any use and the only one I’d ever invite other people in my life to share and create content with.”
– Erueti Brown


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