Posted by: vivaty | June 4, 2008

Vivaty wins social networking at Under the Radar!

Thanks to everyone who’s been coming to our meet-ups, reporting issues, and sharing ideas (especially Holly T, Erueti, Saira and Donza).


Yesterday we took a little break to head over to Under the Radar, a get-together for new start-ups to demo and show their stuff. We were presenting in the Social Networking category along with social-meets-mobile companies Jygy and Xumii and niche social network After a quick six-minute demo on a wireless card, our CEO Keith pulled off the victory. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!


We celebrated of course, but quickly returned to reality… getting the Vivaty experience right. There are so many features you’ve asked for that make a lot of sense: more avatar customization, more SNS integration (Twitter or Friendfeed anyone?), more objects, sit gestures, more moods, and more user-control around chat. While we won’t get to all of these by our public launch, we’re carefully tracking requests and we will eventually get to yours!  Want to share more feedback live? Join us for our next meet up.


When: Tomorrow, June 5 at 11 – 11:30 am PST Find your time zone here.
Where:  Your scene.  Not in our beta yet? Email us at
  Look for us (Mark, Heidi, Tony, Jay) and find other users by going into our scenes.


Email us at and we’ll pair you up with someone new! See you in Vivaty!




  1. Congratulations to the Vivaty Team for their win at ‘Under the Radar’. It’s nice to see that all your efforts and hard work have paid off – but wait … there’ll be more!

    Sorry I missed the last Meet Up! I will definitely be there for the next one on May 22.

    YAY! Vivaty!

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