Posted by: vivaty | June 10, 2008

Get Vivaty on AIM!


Today we had an exciting development… we went live as a featured “mini-application” module on the new version of AIM 6.8!   This begins a phased roll-out of our first product, Vivaty Scenes.  We’re starting on AIM, then we’ll (soon) open up our Facebook application to full public access.  Stay tuned! We’ll keep expanding the feature list for both platforms.


The experience in AIM really gets us closer to our goal: more visually rich, engaging, immersive, and highly personalized experiences on the distributed web. We are not trying to re-invent the social graph, asking users to import their friends’ addresses again and again. Instead we want to embed Vivaty where web users already have friends, then make those experiences with friends more engaging and fun. 


To get into Vivaty Scenes on AIM:

     Fire up your AIM or get the new version.

     Once you have AIM running, click on the “Get More” link on the bottom of your AIM client to open the AIM Plug-In Manager, or Download Vivaty Scenes from the AIM Gallery.

     Click on “Get it Now” button next to Vivaty in the “Featured Developers” section. That automatically adds Vivaty Scenes to your AIM client.

     Click on the Vivaty Icon on the bottom of your AIM client and your Vivaty Scene will be created with your avatar.

     Once inside your Vivaty Scene, make sure and invite your friends to join you. You do this via the menu in the AIM client next to the words Vivaty Scene, and choose ”Share This Plug-In”.

Once you’re in, you can embed any web link, such as Flickr feeds, find YouTube videos for your TV screens, add music, and decorate your scene.  Or you can just pop in for a quick 3D chat with a Buddy who’s on AIM.


Are you an AIM user?  We need your help!  Give us your thoughts on Vivaty Scenes on AIM.  If you have ideas, features, or bugs to report, please email us at




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