Posted by: vivaty | July 8, 2008

Vivaty hits public beta!

We are excited to share some news with you, as reported by a few people this morning like Techcrunch and Robert Scoble. Vivaty Scenes is now open to everyone on Facebook and AIM.

Thanks for all of your feedback, bugs, and ideas during our closed beta period. We’re still in beta, which means we still have a lot of stuff to fix. But we can’t wait for more people to experience Vivaty Scenes.

We have been lucky to attract thousands of beta users and we’ve demo’ed Vivaty Scenes to dozens of people in the last six months. Every time we show it to someone, they have a new question or suggestion that makes us think about how to get the “blend” just right… between what you love on the web and what you want more of. We want the “who” and the “what” to stay the same but the “how” to change…

The signs of a more immersive web are all around us: we wake up every day to more media sharing APIs, more “live” and self-expression options on IM clients, and more visual depth being added to profiles on even the most simply-designed sites like Facebook. The web is getting more expressive, visually engaging and fun and we hope you stay with us to be part of it.

So what’s new?

Here’s what we’ve been working on since our last post.


Invite friends: while I know many of you met some new friends in our meet-ups, now you can choose your own Facebook or AIM friends to experience Vivaty with. Click Invite inside our applications on AIM or Facebook, or drop your friend right into your scene through a Facebook URL. It’s easy, try it with my scene:


New scenes: We’ve got new scenes, like a beachfront cabana and country chalet.


Avatars & Moods: All our avatars got a little face-lift and we added 4 new ones. Plus you can now choose an avatar mood, like Happy, Chillin’, Flirty, Angry or Sad. (beware of Sad, it’s really Sad)


More fun with friends: Even when a friend is not there, you can drop in, comment, rate and leave notes in their scene.  Make a Facebook friend your Vivaty BFF with special themed BFF frames, and more.


Flickr and Facebook galleries: More choices to pull your favorite Facebook and Flickr photo feeds into your scene.


Keep the feedback coming!  If you have feature ideas, questions, or complaints, please add a comment to this post or add ideas here.
See you in Vivaty Scenes!

Keith McCurdy, CEO




  1. I just downloaded the application and created a scene and have started to customize it. I just wanted to say congratulations on the launch and this application is way cool I love it! I’m telling all my friends about it. Vivaty is really endless in terms of what you can do with your scene!


  2. […] be true for virtual worlds. Vivaty Scenes isn’t a virtual world but a small world where I can customize a scene in Facebook or AIM.  Facebook and AIM are different platforms but I want the same scene I originally customized in […]

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