Posted by: vivaty | August 4, 2008

Guest blogger: Donza

A few of you may have met Donza, whose guest blog is below (our first ever!). To find her, visit her scene on Facebook.

More about our new features in the next post…



Greetings Vivaty Junkies!

After inundating the Vivaty team with a constant stream of emails, they finally threw up their virtual hands and said “Why don’t you just blog?” Personally I think it had something to do with the 10-page emails I’ve been sending but maybe not 😉

So although blogging is totally new territory for me – here I am.

I have been totally addicted to 3D since one fateful day in 2002 when I unwittingly installed Adobe Atmosphere beta (I thought it was a Photoshop plugin!) and, like Alice, fell down the rabbit hole to my destiny. From that first day (heck, first nanosecond) I was hooked.

I suddenly found myself in an environment where not only could I move but so could other “things” in the window. Wooahhh! and they were even communicating with me!! I have to confess to asking the ritual first 3D question – “uh, are you REAL??”

Those of us who have been working in 3D have always seen the boundless potential for this 3D medium. What we can’t understand is why don’t other people see it too? Why would anyone want a static webpage when they could have a website where they could hold meetings, teach classes, visit museums, even be whole in a disabled body? Unfortunately 3D has just not yet grabbed enough people who are using it on a daily basis.

But Vivaty is different. I truly believe that plugging it into existing web environments, like Facebook and other easily and widely used applications is just plain brilliant! For anyone who already uses Facebook or AIM it’s just a no-brainer! This may finally be the way that 3D gets introduced to the web world in a big way and I am thrilled to be among the people here at the beginning.

So hang on to your hats Kiddies – it’s going to be a very exciting ride!

Virtually speaking, 😉



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