Posted by: vivaty | August 5, 2008

Social Scenes, a 24/7 meet up

new! vivaty social scenes

new! vivaty social scenes

Hi all,

You’ve been asking to meet more Vivaty users so we built Social Scenes for you!  As of last night, we launched our first templated Social Scenes, with more to come.  Now you can have a Vivaty meet-up 24 hours a day, literally.

Just click on the Meet button at the bottom of your Vivaty Scene and you’ll get to the Social Scenes landing page.  In Facebook you can see a “Social Scenes” link at the top of the screen too.

We’re starting with small groups and we’re already thinking ahead to larger scenes with new themes for you.

What do you think of Social Scenes?  What types of themes do you want next?  How many people per scene feels right?  Leave us a comment or send us feedback at

We are planning another meet-up inside the Social Scenes so you can test-drive them with us.

When:  Thurs, Aug 7, 1 pm PST
Who:  Everyone with a Vivaty Scene is welcome
Where:  Social Scenes – Click the Meet button to join us

See you soon in Vivaty Social Scenes!



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