Posted by: tparisi | August 6, 2008

Creating it Together



I wanted to add a few thoughts since Vivaty Create is a next step in realizing the technology platform I have worked on for years (longer than I care to admit!).


We are eager to engage a wide range of developers. Anyone exporting to COLLADA or authoring in our own tool, Vivaty Studio (formerly Flux Studio), can now take a hand to making content for Vivaty. The Vivaty Create program is in its formative stages, and we still have a lot to figure out, but I am excited nonetheless to start working with talented creators to see what can be done with our platform.


Equally important, we want to talk to you. In just the last few days, we’ve gotten input from leading content creators like Cassiopeia (one of IMVU’s lead creators), Bryan Ogden (well-known for his work in Second Life), Len Bullard (a web 3D “lifer”), and Neil McGarry at Living Artz.  We’ll start adding people’s thoughts and quotes here.


I’ve been trying to reach out personally to as many of you as possible and hope to meet a lot of people in person at Siggraph next week.  You can read where we will be speaking at the show – feel free to email us at to share your ideas.  The 3D web is finally here and we need your brilliance to make it shine.



Tony Parisi

Chief Platform Officer and Co-Founder


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