Posted by: vivatymarkh | August 6, 2008

Get creative with Vivaty Create

Hi all,

We have an exciting update for 3D content creators who want to change 3D on the web. Vivaty is launching Vivaty Create, our pilot phase of our new developer program. We’re beginning to open our platform to outside developers, meaning everyone can now create content for Vivaty Scenes. Whether you use Max, Maya, Google Sketchup, or any other tool that exports to COLLADA , you can now send us your content for Vivaty’s platform, win cash, and share your ideas on how our developer program can best work for you.

Opening a platform to creators (some with years and years of experience) has to be done with your input, so we’ve started getting feedback and we’d love yours. There are three ways to get involved with us right now.

Send us feedback – Feedback on what? On a number of issues, such as: What types of content do you want to create? How should we best mesh your art with Vivaty-created art? How should we import and publish content? And, eventually, how should we plan for a virtual economy? As one of the first creators involved, your voice will likely be heard more loudly than others. Please help us by taking this short survey and feel free to email additional feedback.

Submit your 3D scenes and objects – We figure the best way to start a dialog is to open the floodgates and ask for your content. We *know* you can come up with great scenes and objects for Vivaty Scenes – we’re specifically looking for whimsy, variety, eclectic themes, and a new take on 3D on the web. Read more about our submission guidelines.

Win – To reward our top creators, we’ll choose 24 winners (one of whom will get $1,000 in cash toward a trip to meet our team in the San Francisco Bay Area) and select participants will also be featured on the Vivaty platform, showing off their designs to thousands of Vivaty users. Read more about the submission details and prizes.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say and see what you create. Post a comment here or send us your thoughts at developers [at] vivaty [dot] com.


Mark Hull
VP Product



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