Posted by: vivatymarkh | August 19, 2008

pet dogs and blue mullets

Today we are excited to announce new features and experiences in Vivaty Scenes.  Vivaty’s product vision began with an emphasis on self-expression, both for consumers and developers, and it is now expanding to include more social and interactive features. 

Virtual Pet Dog — Everyone at Vivaty laughs because they know this is my favorite feature… our first pet dog that barks, pants, and responds to your avatar. Add the dog to your scene to make it more fun for friends to visit, or change the dog’s look to have the best pet on the block.  We even have a doggie sweater… Just click Create to add the dog to your scene.

Avatar Customization — In addition to our avatar templates, you can now also choose from 200+ options for hairstyles, tops and bottoms.  Whether you choose a modern pixie cut or a blue mullet, there are now more ways to make a fun virtual “you.”  We’re trying to keep things simple but still provide choice. Send us an idea for clothing or hair and we will add it to the list!     

Social Scenes – In addition to starting in a personal scene, Vivaty users can also try one of many Vivaty Social Scenes.  Social Scenes let you chat and share photos, videos and music together. Initial scenes are themed around fashion, celebrity gossip and humorous web videos- but we’re eager to make more based on what you want.  If you have a type of video or music you like, let us know and we’ll create a theme for you and your friends.     

Coming soon – we’ll be launching very soon on a new network, so stay tuned…   
As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing.  Email us at or post a comment or idea for us.

Keep an eye out. Every two weeks, you’re going to see something new (and we’ll sneak things inbetween those windows, too!)


Mark Hull
VP Product Management



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