Posted by: vivaty | September 2, 2008

firefox, foxy dance moves, gifting

Hi all,

A lot of hard work has gone into our socialization and interaction features this week so we hope you like them! It’s nice to fix up your personal scene, but then what?  We know you really want to connect with friends and do new things together.  So new this week are dancing, gifting, a new social scene (Eskape Cove), and broader friend settings. Most importantly, Firefox 3 support is here by popular demand! 

i like to move it, move it

i like to move it, move it

Anyone who has seen my dancing in real life knows that I’m really happy to have fun virtual moves… I found one move that looked like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.  Complete with my chic new plum-colored bob, I almost felt the part!

Let us know your thoughts- and ping me anytime on Facebook or twitter if you want to meet up in Eskape Cove for some crumpin’ this week.


vivaty dance moves

my twirl in vivaty


Firefox: After lots of requests, we got Firefox 3 support out the door so please try it out and let us know if you find any issues. 

Dancing:  Whether you like to raise the roof or crump, dancing is just…fun. Click My Vivaty, then Moods, then Dance. Keystrokes trigger the moves but you’ll also get an idle dancing state.

Gifting: Be one of the first to send or get a gift in Vivaty! Click Share / Gifts and choose something from our gift gallery. We started with a pet dog, fishtank, a surfboard that leaves notes, and a few others.  I just sent a few of you some gifts, hope i get some back.  (ahem)

Eskape Cove: our first themed social scene is here, thanks to our talented artists. Vivaty regulars will have noticed that all the scenes (until now) were based on personal-sized spaces – a back porch, a rooftop garden, a living room, etc. Now we have a bigger scene with a 50-foot windmill, a tented lounge area, a beachfront, and even a shark hiding in the water.  I just met 2 new users and friended them today.  Click Meet to find Eskape Cove and all our other Social Scenes.

Public Scenes: Now you can set broader access settings on your own personal scene or browse those of other Vivaty users on Facebook and AIM.  To choose your settings, click MyVivaty, then Options. If you want to meet new people in your scene, choose Publish to Directory!


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