Posted by: vivaty | September 30, 2008

Thriller, Fred, Funk

Taking a cue from some of the funky things in life, we’re trying to put more funk in Vivaty these days.  We know that one of the biggest challenges in virtual worlds these days is… “What the heck do I do?”  (We agree, a scene with just you and 4 walls can get pretty lonely)


You’ve already seen us rolling out things like the pet dog, dancing and more avatar outfits.  Now we’re releasing our first batch of Halloween content… we figured, why not start early?


Jack-o-lanterns, screeching cats, a ghost costume that comes in many colors, this is just the start.  Next release we’ll have surprise a Halloween “hangout” that’s more dark than our usual… and more costume goodies (devils and angels, get ready!)


Also kudos to our media buddies at Code & Theory. After playing around with green screening, Dana, Geoff and Mia took the latest Vivaty dance moves and gestures to another level… check our remixes on Thriller,


a tribute to Fred



and a dance mix tribute to all things Internet



We’ve already gotten a request for a Palin spoof, so hold tight for that one…If any of you want to try your hand at Vivaty machinima, let us know and we’ll set you up with our green screen environment. 


There’s a lot of new stuff this week, and we’re also happy to welcome a new product manager, Justin Gibbs.  He’ll be blogging later this week… he’s got a LOT of opinions to share!


Other new stuff this week:


New Gifts: Send a jack-o-lantern, screeching cat, jukebox or our best bottle of champagne (on the house!). Give a pet dog, a doggie bowl, or a doggie mat. Or, just choose your own! Also, you can click on any object in Vivaty and send it to friends!


New Launchpad: We expanded it so you can see who’s online now, check your gifts, or find a place to go


Dress your dog: Check out improvements to our favorite pet dog…mine is named Moxie. Single click for all his animations – panting, tail wagging, barking and more. Double click to Zoom. You can also name your dog! Choose a collar to name your dog Moxie, Kuno, Fido, Zella or Leo. PS, if you have a better name, let us know and we’ll add it!


More guy hairstyles: for the secret rocker or emo in everyone…


 See you in Vivaty!





  1. Guys, if you’re going to do a Palin impression, you’ve got to do a Biden or Obama one as well, other wise you might ‘accidentaly’ show bias. So, I guess I’ll make this a formal request for a Biden spoof.

  2. ha ha, ok, thanks justin. we’re trying our hardest not to show bias on this election but i have to admit, our election groove social scene probably has more obama videos. biden spoof added to the list!

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