Posted by: vivaty | October 14, 2008

Halloween Spooktacular

Hey everyone,

This week’s release brings a lot of new Halloween content!  Come hang out with friends in the Halloween Spooktacular scene… set in a graveyard with fog, tombs, fireflies, and Halloween YouTube videos.  As soon as you jump onto a tombstone, you automatically dance.  Check it out!

Our artists went a little over-the-top with our Halloween costumes too- choose from ram’s horns, devil wings, angel halos, mini-skirts and thigh-high’s, witches hats, pirate hats, and more. What are you in the mood for this year… angel or devil?

Stay tuned for details about our Halloween parties– which will take place in all our Spooktacular Hangouts on 10/25 – 10/26. A great way to meet more users if you haven’t already. Donza and some of our other regulars will be there with bells on.

AIM users– check out our new “docked module” (which is a fancy way of saying, “look at the Vivaty app at the bottom of the AIM client”) – now you can see your gifts and all the top Vivaty hangouts so you can be more selective about where you start your experience.

Last but not least, we’ve launched a Right Click Menu. Right-click means FEWER and BETTER clicks, which we know you are probably excited about.  Right-click on your avatar, an object, or anywhere in a scene to control your experience.  See you in Vivaty!



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