Posted by: vivatymarkh | October 28, 2008

Getting Vivaty everywhere you want to be

We heard many of you loud and clear that you love virtual worlds and Vivaty, but you didn’t want to access it on Facebook or install the AIM client to experience. No problem! We decided to give you a couple of easy options to basically give you a ton of flexibility with Vivaty.

We’ve relaunched so now you can register directly through our own site very quickly and get into the Vivaty community. That means you don’t have to use Facebook, or AIM, but you can STILL chat and meet people who come Facebook and AIM and beyond. (btw, if you already have a Vivaty scene and you sign up at, we’ll check and see if we can detect your scene, and automatically connect it to your new Vivaty ID).

You’ve also probably seen the news that we’ve launched Vivaty Everywhere. We decided it wasn’t enough for us to just give you social network independence to access Vivaty. Instead, we thought we’d take a cue from YouTube and others, and give you the easy ability to provide a gateway into your Vivaty experience from wherever your want, be it a blog, your personal or business website, your school’s page, anything! I love this feature for two big reasons:

First, again, you can put a door anywhere and enter Vivaty and communicate with others who may come from Facebook, AIM or anywhere. We now let you completely demolish the walled gardens that have dominated virtual worlds to date. Check out this demo blog on Vox to give you a taste of how it can look.

Secondly, it’s so EASY to do this. At the bottom of every scene there is a little line of code. Paste that into your blog entry, or your website, and bingo, the scene is up and running. You don’t need to be a web jockey or visual artist to bring an immersive virtual experience to your site. I’ll paste in my new scene dedicated to True Blood on HBO (I love that show!) to show you the ease of it.

Paste this into a blog:
<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”400px” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” border=”0″ title=”Vivaty – embedded virtual scene” ></iframe>

You can adjust colors and dimensions in that iframe, too, to better customize the look and feel to fit your blog or site.

A couple other nice things to tell you about:

Right-Click Menu: We’re still improving our user interface (we’ve got some great things coming here). In the near-term though, we’ve added the Right-Click menu so you can just use your mouse to do everything you want, such as customizing your avatar, editing your scene, starting a chat, adding friends, etc. This is especially handy in embedded scenes where you might not want to click on a bunch of buttons to do things.

Guest Login: Now, you don’t even need to register anywhere to be able to jump into a scene. This is perfect for when you put an embeddable scene in your blog. Anyone can just come in and install the Vivaty Player and jump right into the scene quickly! No need to register anywhere else. Now, sure, if you want your own scene, you’ll need to register, no surprise, but this feature should make it easy for people to jump in and hang out with you, chat and begin to explore.

Five New Scene Templates: We’ve added five new scene templates to the mix, so there’s plenty of new content to go check out and customize.

Improved AIM Vivaty module: Those of you using AIM should automatically notice a new version of our module that now gives you a lot more information, letting you know when people are online, and what’s new to check out, and giving you a list of a bunch of cool scenes to check out where people are hanging out. Speaking of hanging out, we have an awesome new feature coming out very soon that will make it VERY EASY for you to find people and know when people are checking out your scene — even if you’re NOT in Vivaty right at that moment…stay tuned!

So that’s what we’ve been up to the last two weeks. Imagine if we can do all that in two weeks what more we have in store for you in the next two weeks! As always, keep sending us your ideas and feedback. They’re very helpful as we build out the future with you.

Happy Halloween!

Mark Hull
VP Product Management


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