Posted by: vivaty | October 29, 2008

Vivaty Everywhere and Queen Listening Party

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Vivaty Everywhere, which gives anyone the ability to embed visually-rich, social, browser-based virtual experiences on any blog, brand or online destination.

Vivaty Everywhere expands our reach to include and embedded virtual scenes that can be cut and pasted onto any web site, just like a YouTube video.

When we set out to define a more immersive web experience (starting on Facebook and AIM), we knew we had to be everywhere… distributed and accessible wherever people hang out online. 

Today, we are extremely happy to be working with two leading brands: Universal Music Group and Barely Political.

Using our flexible web-based platform, Universal Music is able to reach thousands of Queen + Paul Rodgers fans across many social networks and fan sites with their virtual listening party around the new album, The Cosmos Rocks. Whether you’ve been following Queen for decades or you’re new to their latest album, you can watch videos, chat, dance, and discuss all eras of the band’s history.

BarelyPolitical’s scene is a virtual look at all things political satire. From BarelyPolitical’s latest Obama girl video to memorable classics, it’s all in this virtual political party experience

Read our full announcement, read our embed tutorial, send us feedback, and of course we can’t wait to see you in these new social scenes!

Keith McCurdy, CEO & Co-founder

Sample screen shots of an embedded Queen + Paul Rodgers scene



  1. I really like what you’re doing. But calling it “Everywhere” and saying “embed it in ANY blog” is again a slap in the face of all the Mac (and Linux) users out there. Because we are WEB users. You’re stating that “Mac support is coming soon” under system requirements. Can you at least give a rough timeframe, like “1st Q 2009” or something? There’s psychological studies proving that people who know how long they have to wait accept even long waiting times far more likely than non-informed people 🙂

  2. Hi Consiliera,

    Good question. I wish I could say that the Mac version is just around the corner. The reality is that while we very much want a Mac version we have a good sized list of other things we have to do first. But we will get a Mac version at some point in the future, we are committed to that.

    Our approach is to make sure when we announce a date for any new features, community support, or hardware platforms, that it is one we can definetly deliver on.

    Please know that we really care about everyone out there. The team here is feverishly working on tons of new features and new ways to make Vivaty a better experience.



  3. it would be great, if vivaty comes in german 🙂

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