Posted by: vivatymarkh | December 1, 2008

Post-turducken enhancements

We know that many of you were busy preparing last week for the Thanksgiving gorgefest. Here at Vivaty, we believe only in deep-fried turbaconducken, and as you might guess, we’re still recuperating. While you were busy preparing, though, you might’ve missed a couple of nice enhancements we released last week.

First, we’ve made the avatar editing experience much better by swinging the camera out in front of your avatar, and putting the clothes in an easier place to access so you can try them on and see how your avatar looks with ease. Keep your eyes on this area as you’re going to see a couple of new features here shortly that will help you share your cool avatar designs with friends.

Also, those keeping score at home probably noticed we adjusted the camera a little bit just in general when you walk around Vivaty and when you zoom in and out of your avatar. This should make it much easier for you to navigate and for you to get a better visual perspective. Let us know if you like this improvement.

We also launched a major overhaul of our video objects and televisions. They’re much better behaved these days. As a special treat, we also launched video playlists. Now you can load up a television with 6 videos and they’ll play back-to-back. That’s pretty cool for when you’re watching your Taylor Swift video marathon.

We also introduced a special sofa that we’re doing some testing with sitting. After a long day of running around in Vivaty, we know your feet get tired. Well, now you can sit down and rest a bit. We’re actively testing it right now, so be forewarned, but you can check it out by adding the magenta sofa to your scene.

Finally, we also lost a little doggie. Somewhere in Eskape Cove, our trusy canine companion, Rover, ran away (shame on us for not tying him up while we played the Shell Game). If you can find him in Eskape Cove, and send us a picture of him with you, we’ll send you a $50 gift certificate (if you’re one of the first three who find him). Just send me an email and let me know! Good luck!




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