Posted by: vivatymarkh | December 8, 2008

Getting the point(s) (Thanks, Steve)

Today is a pretty big day in terms of Vivaty’s product evolution. We just launched Vivaty Points, which is a way to start earning points for all the great events and activities you do when in Vivaty. For example, you can earn Vivaty Points for adding friends, sending gifts and even a few cute things, like petting your neighbor’s dog. 🙂

Points is the first in a long series of upcoming features and building blocks for the virtual economy. For those not familiar with the fancypants terminology, this basically means you can earn points to eventually spend on new clothes, furniture and special abilities. Today we launched the ability to earn points to give you a headstart on building up those points so you’ll be able to buy tons of cool things when we open up the store. Vivaty Points will also be valuable for a lot of other reasons that we’ll share with you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Earning Points in Eskape CoveAdditionally, you’ll also notice that we’ve made a few tweaks to our Launchpad to make it easier for you to quickly jump into a scene and hang out with other people. We’ve also made it easy for new friends to see the cool scene you’ve created by publishing new scenes into the Hangouts area for others to check out. You can always change these settings, too, on the Launchpad by clicking on the “Access” area.

We also released a handful of new furniture and gifts to decorate your place during the holidays. Check ’em out in the gallery! Send us a picture of you in your holiday scene, and maybe we’ll feature you in the spoitlight!

We have a couple of other big changes in store, and you’ll see them in two weeks in our December 22 release.

One last note: The Vivaty Points feature is also a sentimental project for us. A few weeks ago, our lead engineer, Steve Davis, passed away suddenly in his sleep. Steve was a relatively new part of the Vivaty team, but his presence was immediately felt. With his tremendous ideas, and the ability to create and build things incredibly fast, he was a very valuable part of the company. On top of that, his cool and calm demeanor also helped us stay level-headed amid all the energy and constant change that are par for the course in a start-up. Needless to say, we miss him terribly, but are glad to be able to release the feature he worked on while he was here. I’m sure he’d have a lot of ideas of how to make it even better. 🙂 

Thanks everyone. See you in a couple weeks.

Mark Hull
VP Product Management


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