Posted by: vivatymarkh | December 23, 2008

Get on the floor!

Happy holidays everyone!

It’s been busy around the offices, and we’re coding with a mouse in one-hand and a glass of egg nog in another, so it’s certainly a highly caloric experience.

Nevertheless, we’re happy to introduce a few new things for you, just in time for the holidays!

Bust a Move!
We’ve launched two new dance clubs. They’re fun places to hang out where there are no bouncers to give you the evil eye when you wear the wrong clothes. There are tons of people hanging out there, and trying out new moves to the latest beats. Come check them out!

Dance Club

New Corkboards
So I know our last version of corkboards weren’t exactly as reliable as we’d want. We’ve completely overhauled them, and given them a nice new look, too. Additionally, it’s now easy for you to have a conversation with folks through all the notes you post, and for you to visit the scene of those posters, too. You’ll also get alerts when you have new messages. This is just the beginning for a lot of changes coming to comments and boards, so stay tuned for more!

New Chat
We’re working on a series of improvements to chat, and today released a version that is more visible. Now a new window will automatically appear at the bottom of your screen whenever someone chats. You can type in the box right underneath it, too, to make it even easier to have a conversation. You can still have private chats by just right-clicking on whomever you want to talk to in a scene. This is a simple first-step that we know will make it easier to chat with new friends. Can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Share Snapshots
So many of our users have taken hilarious and awesome pictures of their avatars in their scenes. You can see them by just strolling through the gallery. Now, we’re making it supereasy to share with your friends, even when they’re not on Vivaty. When you edit your avatar, you’ll notice a Snapshot button. Clicking that will take a picture of your avatar in their cool outfits in the scene. Click the Share button, and you can enter email addresses of your friends. We’ll send your picture with a short note, inviting them to join you right then in the scene!

It’s been a wonderful year for Vivaty, and we thank all of our friends for all their help and ideas in helping Vivaty grow. It’s exciting to see how fast the numbers are growing thanks to you guys! We’re going to take a pause from our two-week release cycle during the holidays so the team can enjoy their vacations, but you’ll have another batch of improvements coming in January, so stay tuned.

Until then, happy holidays to all of you!


Mark Hull
VP Product Management


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