Posted by: vivatymarkh | January 31, 2009

What do you think? New commenting!

Lots of new improvements in the first release of the year, which came out earlier this week! Here’s a quick snapshot:

1) Easier to take and share snapshots!
Now you can easily hit the “Snap” button in your scene, and take a picture of yourself that you can send to your friends just by adding their email address!

2) New commenting capabilities!
You guys really fell in love with the new message boards, so we’ve made it even easier for you to leave comments for friends on pictures, videos and more. Simply right-click on anything to leave a comment. And when you come back, we’ll pop-up a little notification to make it easy for you to see where the new comments are!

3) Easy access in Firefox!
Those of you in Firefox will want to download our Vivaty add-on. With it, you can easily jump into Vivaty from anywhere on the web. Just right-click or click on the Vivaty logo that appears in your Firefox browser after installing our add-on. Check it out here!

4) Valentine’s Day gifts!
Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Show your sweetie how much you appreciate him or her with one of our special, limited-edition Valentine’s Day gifts, including a special heart picture frame, and Valentine’s Day puppy!

5) New Dance movies!
So many of you love to hang out in the dance scene! Well, now we’ve made it easy for you to show off some cool new dance moves while you’re there! Just right-click while you’re dancing to try out the new moves!

It’s only a few weeks into the new year, but our offices are absolutely buzzing with excitement over some very cool new things coming your way. There are tons of new avatar fashions, an incredible new scene to hangout in, and the Vivaty store is starting to take shape! Thanks for your patience as we get these things together. And yes, very very soon, you’ll be able to spend some of those Vivaty Points you’ve been earning.





  1. Great updates!
    Kudos to the team.

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