Posted by: vivatymarkh | February 26, 2009

Firefox Add-On for Vivaty

We’ve built a Firefox Add-On for Vivaty that we’d love for you to check out.

We have a lot of Vivaty users in Firefox, which we think is absolutely great! Firefox is an outstanding web browser that is constantly getting better and is very supportive of the developer community. (We love our IE users, too, don’t get me wrong, but competition is a good thing, don’t you think? 🙂  )

You’ve told us you want quicker access to Vivaty, and we know you love being able to access Vivaty from your web browser and wherever you are online. Well, this add-on will make it even easier. When you install it, you’ll have the ability to jump into Vivaty, send gifts, edit your avatar, and more, directly from the browser, regardless of whatever web page you’re on at any given moment. You can also access it by right-clicking anywhere anytime. We’re like Visa — everywhere you want to be — but without the finance charges.

This is also just the first version. We have more cool features coming soon that really make the Firefox experience very cool. Stay tuned for those (btw, if you have ideas you’d like to see, lemme know!)

We actually released the Firefox Add-On for Vivaty a few weeks ago, and have been sharing it with some of our users while we work things out with the Firefox people.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Right now, you’ll need to do a quick registration with Firefox/Mozilla before you can download our Add-On. But if you write a review and give it a few stars, you can help us get it approved, and therefore, take off this registration requirement.




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