Posted by: vivatymarkh | March 3, 2009

Now you can spend those Vivaty Points!

Just launched a few cool new features. Check ’em out, and then let us know what you think in our forums.

1) Spending Vivaty Points on Gifts.

When I’m walking around the Vivaty community, people come up to us all the time and ask when they’ll be able to spend Vivaty Points and start buying clothes for their avatar and furniture for their personal spaces. Heck, I’ll admit that I’m a little surprised how often I hear that request, and it certainly is exciting.

Today, we launched the second phase of our economy features. Now, you can spend those Vivaty Points on some special limited-edition gifts to give to your friends. You can even spend them to send to friends who aren’t on Vivaty yet (once they join, they’ll pick up your gift). These gifts are available only for A LIMITED TIME. New gifts will be coming out every week, too.

It costs just 100 Vivaty Points to send these gifts, and a special introductory offer, we’re giving you 25 free Vivaty Points every time you send a gift — so think of it as a 25% off coupon. 🙂 Now, if you want to send any other gift from the gallery, you can still do that for free. Also, we give all new users 500 Vivaty Points for free, so it’s easy to afford and try these out.

I’ll admit, we are putting our toe in the water with this, because we really want to look closely at how our community is adopting the feature, and learn from it so when we launch the full-fledged Vivaty store in a few weeks, we benefit from all your feedback to launch something that’s really great.

That said, I saw a demo of all the cool new things you’ll be able to shop for in the coming weeks, and we’re playing with the redesign of the experience to make it easy to do — and I’m super super excited about this stuff. Your new avatars are going to look totally hip. We’re going to give a sneak peek to some of our friends, and if you want to be included on the VIP list, drop me a note at mark [at]

Btw, go to the forum, and please post pictures of fashions you like or any links to websites of things you’d like us to build. Already, we’re creating clothes and objects based upon your ideas — trust me, we pay attention to your feedback!

2) Rating Movies in Cinema Vivaty

Now in Cinema Vivaty, you can rate movies. Right-click on a movie and tell folks whether your love or hate what’s playing. If enough people hate it, it’ll skip to the next movie. Man, I wish I had that capability when I saw the Jonas Brothers Concert Movie over the weekend. Just kidding!

This is kinda cool, but it’s nothing compared to what you’re going to see in a couple weeks when we launch the final part of the movie experience…stay tuned for that! We saw it demo’d today, and it made everyone in the company laugh and smile. It’s awesome!

Some smaller things: Some of you may get an alert asking you for your email address. In some of the Vivaty experiences, you don’t need an email address to register. Unfortunately, in those scenarios, you also don’t get alerts when you receive a gift. So we’re going to ask some of you whether you want to provide your address so you can get those alerts. We’ll give you some Vivaty Points, too, so it’s a no-lose scenario! And if you have any concerns, please read our Privacy Policy. The short answer is we won’t do anything you don’t want with your information.

Firefox: You guys rule! Thanks to all the great reviews from our community, Firefox/Mozilla approved our add-on. You can add the cool Vivaty add-on here in just two clicks.

The team is buzzing here. We’re seeing more and more of you folks joining everyday and participating in the Vivaty community. We’re really excited to build and share with you all sorts of cool new experiences in the coming weeks, too.

If you want to stay in the loop like all the cool kids, follow our twitter account, too! Say hello! Talk with you soon!


Mark H.
VP Products


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