Posted by: vivatymarkh | May 5, 2009

Expanded User Profiles

Hey there!

Just a quick simple update this week. We just released a new version of user profiles that are web-based, so it’s easy for you to learn more about the people you meet in Vivaty. It’s also a great thing to bookmark for yourself so you can easily see who visited your scene recently, too.  You can share the profile and even save the RSS feed for it, if you’re superfancy.


The profile is another iteration on the user profiles we have in scene. Mind you, there are many more developments and enhancements coming on the profile in the coming weeks, but we didn’t want to wait forever to get you something right away! Let us know if you have ideas for making it better in our forums, too. You can get to the profile by right-clicking on your avatar and selecting About Me to get a link to the full profile.

The next release is a biggie. We’ll launch the ability to purchase a lot of things with your Vivaty Points, and you’ll see a ton of new clothing for your avatars. Stay tuned!


Mark Hull
VP Product Management

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