Posted by: vivatymarkh | June 4, 2009

Tweet 3D and Buying Scenes

See @aplusk in 3D! Vivaty just added a Twitter object for you to put in your scenes! You can easily add this object to your walls, and enter the name of the Twitterer you want to showcase. Maybe you want to put your own tweets in your room, or maybe of your favorite friends and celebrities.

6-4-2009 12-19-28 PM

The Twitter object updates when you visit the scene. This is the first iteration of this, and we’ll add more capabilities in the future, including the ability to post from here, and include multiple styles. Buy it now in the Vivaty Shop!

 6-4-2009 11-17-35 AM

Speaking of multiples, we’ve added the ability to own multiple scenes! Many of our users want multiple scenes, so we ‘re now letting you buy them and create quite a few! Admittedly, it’s a little expensive right now, until we learn a little more from our users about this (so prices likely to drop in the future), but now you can switch things around pretty easily!

6-4-2009 11-18-52 AM

You’ll also notice we tweaked the Launchpad a little bit. It should look a little nicer, in addition to being faster, and easier to connect with some new friends.

Check out some of the latest clothing items. We’ve got some cool swimsuits for summer, some awesome hats, and around the corner, stay tuned for some piercings, tattoos, and shoes! (finally!)

More to come!


Mark Hull
VP Product Management



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