Posted by: vivatymarkh | June 16, 2009

Game on!

Latest round of Vivaty improvements went live last week. Quite a few things undercover that should result in faster, better, stronger performance. On top of that, we rolled out a few fun things, too!

Get Your Game On

We’re testing out Flash games in Vivaty. We’ve scattered video game machines around a few hangouts and for some lucky users. It’s pretty simple to get started. Just walk up to the machine, doubleclick on it, and boom, you’ll have an option to play one of more than 1,200 different games. (I recommend playing “Bloons”). We know many of you have been asking for them, so we listened and built them for you! Now, let us know what you think and help us decide where to go next with them! Add your ideas to



She’s a Dancin’ Machine!

We thought we’d make it a little easier to go dancing. We built a little dance maker (not to be confused with a tiny dancer), that lets you record a series of dance moves, and then to play them back anytime you want using the “Actions Menu”. Admittedly, it’s a little hidden while we test it out, and after a round of revisions, we’ll make it more widely accessible. To record some dance moves, right-click on your avatar and select “Moods” and “Dancin”. You’ll see “Edit” and “My Dances” in there, which is where you can start recording moves. They’ll be saved in the Actions menu, which you can click on any time to run that series of recorded moves!


My Account

We’ve made it easier for you to do basic account maintenance (e.g., change your email address, adjust your profile visibility, etc). You can click on “My Account” at the top-right of any Vivaty page, or just click hereto access it.

We’ve got some really cool things coming out. Some great shoes, sunglasses and accessories, in addition to some really cool new dance moves and gestures in the coming weeks. Some other big announcements in the next couple months, so stay tuned!


VP Product Management


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