Posted by: vivatymarkh | June 29, 2009

Shoes, bling, and some firecrackers

Happy Early July 4th!

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer! We put our regular release out a couple days early this time around, so a few of you have had a head start on these great new additions:

Improved Profile Pages

We made it easier to learn more about the new people you’re meeting in Vivaty. Just click on any user’s name in most places (or click on View Full Profile in other places), and you’ll see a pop-up with that user’s profile. The profile includes new information (which you can control the visibility of in the Account Settings). It’s easy to see where people are hanging out, what their favorite stuff is, and even to send them a little gnome gift so they know you were checking them out. 🙂



Shoes and Bling

It’s about time we let you change your shoes. Hello! Sorry about the delay, but now you can change your shoes, and also get some cool bling or accessories to trick out your avatar. Sunglasses, tattoos and more. Lots more are coming, and the first batches are limited editions, so get yours before they run out!


Improved Shop and My Stuff

We weren’t fans with how long the old version of My Stuff and Shop took to load up, so we redid it. Now, it should be lightning fast for you to go shopping and check things out to try on or decorate your scene. There’s a ton of content now, so we’ve made search much better too for you to quickly find something you’re looking for in Vivaty.

Object and Scene Pages


Now if you click on objects, especially from the stores, you can see a little Information icon “I” which you can click on to see the profile information about that object. So for example, if you love the Garnet Red Sandals, you can learn more about how many are left in the store, other items that are similar, and who are the lucky devils who have one already!

Address Book Integration

Some of you guys are really popular. REALLY popular. So we wanted to make it easy for you to invite more of your friends to join, and to send more of them gifts, too. We’ve integrated web address books into our flow. So if you have a Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or other address book, you can easily select addresses from those lists to send invitations.


Things That Make You Go Boom

Finally, celebrate the 4th of July in your scenes with some firecrackers! These little things make a big boom when you click and set them off. But be careful! Just like in real life, firecrackers are unpredictable. Sometimes you get a fizzle, sometimes you get a crackle, and sometimes you get a delayed explosion the size of a large farm animal. That’s going to leave a mark. 🙂

Have a great holiday!

Mark Hull
VP Product Management


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