Posted by: vivaty | October 5, 2009

Tattoos and more in the new shop!

Shopping with your Vivaty points (VP) and Vivabux (V$ ) has just gotten even easier, thanks to our new one-stop orange “Shop” button on the launchpad.

When you click on the “Shop” button, you’ll be brought to a shop tab where you can browse through clothing and scene decorations.  If you’re looking for something in particular, try the search feature to display by item type and, in the case of clothing, by gender. Select your criteria and click on the magnifying glass button.


You won’t be able to try on clothing of the opposite gender, but it’s a simple way to find that perfect clothing or accessory to gift to your special someone. 🙂 Show your sweetie how much you treasure her by buying her a sparkly tiara – our first piece of jewelry! And for him, we now offer facial piercings!

As you browse through the store, you’ll notice that there are some new, edgier hairstyles, sexy tattoos for the females, some fun cakes for your special event celebrations, and more.  Enjoy the new variety, and be sure to check back frequently as we’ll be adding lots of new clothing, hair, and bling items in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned!

Laurie Leong


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