Posted by: vivatymarkh | October 20, 2009

Trick or treat!

No tricks here, the store is full of treats for your Halloween party plans.  Have fun finding your essential components to become a snow leopard, a winged devil or angel (or mix it up and rock the horns + halo combination), a vampy Victorian beauty, or something else of your imagination!  Put the finishing touches with web-tipped fingernails, fangs, and a pink furry nose. There are sure to be plenty of Halloween parties going on for you to strut your stuff at.

In fact, if you want to throw your own Halloween monster mash, deck out your scene with props that are sure to be a hit with everyone, dead or alive.  Illuminate your space with skull candles, candelabras held by mysterious arms, and jack ‘o lanterns.  A gorgeous tower of  festive Halloween cupcakes is perfect for your guests’ refreshment.  When people want to take a break from dancing, they can recline on velvet and gothic seats and converse intimately while you oversee the festivities from your luxurious Dr. Evil chair.  The name is well-deserved; buy one and find out why!

And lastly, in the shadows, the most popular resting place for vampires will sure to be the ornate, wooden coffin.  If you see one, peek inside…  if you dare!


Laurie Leong



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