Posted by: vivatymarkh | November 10, 2009

Vivaty launches social gaming platform

Hi Everyone,

Today, Vivaty announced the launch of its Social Gaming Platform with On-Demand Web Services. Additionally, we’ve formally announced the deployment of the Flash version of the Vivaty experience, which has been in alpha the last few weeks.

This is an important evolution for the company. For the last two years, we’ve built the core pieces of our web services and gaming platform. We’ve built and iterated upon a variety of services, such as virtual economy management, content management, points and leveling, social features (e.g., badging, gifting, emoting), chat and friends lists, social network integration, analytics and many more.

We’ve demonstrated we can provide these services in a very scalable and cost-effective way. Additionally, we’ve deployed them in several channels (e.g., Facebook, AIM and our own site) as well on several platforms (e.g., Flash, and also our own Vivaty player plug-in).

While our own versions of the service continue to evolve (as you’ll see more of these features making their latest appearance in our Flash experience in the coming days), we’re also focusing on providing this platform to a wide range of gaming and content partners. Simply put, we make it easy for those partners and developers to focus on creating a compelling social-gaming user experience by leveraging our services platform for faster, cheaper and better overall deployment.

This timing is perfect as the social-gaming industry continues to heat up, and as more of these developers shift their focus to building larger and more graphically rich experiences. We believe Vivaty provides the most visually rich 3D Flash experience available today, and combined with our web services (which can be implemented on any type of interactive social content), provides a lot of exciting territory for developers to explore – far beyond the 2D or 2.5D versions of social gaming today.

For all the members of the Vivaty community, this means only great news for you as you’ll continue to see great new content and features frequently launch in the future, as you’ve been seeing throughout our company’s existence. Both our player-based and Flash-based 3D experiences will continue to grow – and we will continue to introduce features that you’ve requested to make an even more exciting experience. Thanks again for your continued loyalty, support and feedback. You’re the reason why Vivaty is such a popular and compelling social destination.

We’ll continue to have more announcements in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned. Please send along any feedback or ideas you have.

Keith McCurdy
CEO and Co-Founder
Vivaty, Inc.



  1. Is Vivaty SGP opened to any developer or only some of your partners? Is there a place where we can see and learn more about this platform than through this post?

  2. Hi there.

    Right now the SGP is only open to preferred partners, but if you have a serious interest in this, please let me know and we can open discussions. You can drop a line at vivatybizdev at

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