Posted by: vivatymarkh | November 14, 2009

New Lites: Matchmaker, Gifts, Leaderboards

Few recently launched features in Vivaty Lite to share with you:


These are new free gifts that are available for you to give to the people you meet. Some of these are collector’s items, and some of them are available for a limited time, so grab them while you can! Which one you get is at random, so come back each day to see what’s new! Soon, we’ll be providing cooler gifts for more loyal users!



Our Leaderboards in Vivaty Lite now show how you stack up against your friends, and the overall Vivaty Lite community. Good news is that they’re reset every week (although we keep track of your lifetime points), so if you’re on vacation one week, you can still rise to the top of the charts next week. We’ll soon provide prizes for our top leaders, so keep an eye on how you’re doing! (clearly, i need to work a little harder to keep up with our best users!)




You can click on the “Match Me” button in the lower right of the scene to find a bunch of people online to go hang out with and meet. We’ll share basic information to help you search and find the right person. We’ll soon provide more criteria and interests for you to search on, too.


You can learn more about all these features at



  1. Online support is awesome!

    I just wanted to take a moment to express how much i appreciate the online support given by our one and only VivatySamantha. There have been several times I have had a scene issue and Sam has been there to call in the troops. I have also seen her continual commitment to all of the folks on vivaty.
    She is always there to show new the ropes and to keep the peace so that vivaty a fun experience. I recently had a large issue with another user. Blockin and ignoring said person was not working. Sam was fast to find a way to resolve the issue. It has been a wonderful two weeks so far! (now that said person is gone)
    Sometimes it is just nice to know your appreciated. Sammy I for one…. do appreciate your hard work and dedication! You Rock!

  2. I Agree 100% with Peg ,VivatySamantha really keeps this place running smoothly, ive had a few problems myself and she’s always right there with a fix ,She always has good ideas and keeps everyone happy. Im surprised this blog thingy isnt stuffed with positive responses 🙂 Samantha doesnt get near enough recognition for her hard work and dedication . I f i was her boss i’d give her a humungus X-mas bonus ,She sure deserves it !! Thank you Samantha !

  3. .

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