Posted by: vivatymarkh | December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from Vivaty!

As the year draws from a close, two important things to share with y’all.

First off, we’ve released a ton of new features and enhancements to Vivaty Lite over the last month or so:

Badges and Unlockable Content

Now, you can earn badges for completing a variety of activities in Vivaty. Whether you’re a loyal visitor, a fashionista, or a big gift-giver, you can show off each level of the badge you’ve earned through those activities. There’s a slew of different things you can do to earn these special badges. Additionally, earning badges also earns you special content, such as unique clothing, access to new scenes, and soon, new animations, dance moves, and moods.

Improved Leaderboards

We launched the next phase of our Leaderboards, which show how you stack up against your friends at the bottom of your scene. You can see how many stars they’ve earned, and also give them a gift or chat with them if they’re available right then, too.

More Facebook Integration

As you earn more content, receive gifts, and unlock content, you can now post this news to your friends in Facebook, and invite them in to join you in your scene to chat, too. Additionally, you’ll find more Facebook links within Vivaty so it’s easy to learn more about the people you meet. It also makes it easier for you to invite your Facebook friends to hang out with you.

Streamlined Interface

We’ve also made quite a few improvements to the user interface to give you more space to move around your scene, and to make it a little easier to stay up to speed with what’s going on all around you. There are more improvements here coming in the next few weeks, too.

The last thing to call out is a big thank you to everyone in the Vivaty community who helped make 2009 such a great year. We’re especially proud of the Vivaty Lite experience that we launched just recently, and how the community has helped shape the product for us, allowing us to release so many new features and enhancements to it to make it a fun place for everyone! Keep sending us your ideas, and we’ll look forward to celebrating the new year with you!


Mark Hull
VP Product Management


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