Posted by: vivatymarkh | March 31, 2010

Vivaty Shutdown (Party)

As one who has spent years making Vivaty a reality and then trying to make it a success, it pains me to announce that as of Friday the 16th of April, will completely shut down. I apologize to our loyal users that this must be so. is a rather expensive site to run, much more than a regular web site, and Vivaty the company has been running out of money for some time. Our business model was to earn money through Vivabux sales, but that has never come close to covering our costs. We tried for months to find a bigger partner that would support the site, but that didn’t work out.

That gives about 2 weeks for our creative users to take snapshots and videos of their awesomely decorated scenes — once things shut down, the 3D content will be gone. Also, we understand  that some of you have recently bought Vivabux on the assumption that would be around for some time, so we are going to issue refunds for Paypal purchases made since February 1, 2010.  I’m sorry we can’t refund any transactions through Gambit offers, including cell phone purchases.

Some of us would like to have ONE LAST PARTY inside the full Vivaty scenes.  I invite all of our loyal users, including remaining and former employees, to join us 3-5pm Pacific (Daylight) Time on Thursday the 15th.  It should be obvious from the Launchpad which scene(s) we are in. (Please don’t come to complain, nobody there will be able to change anything about the Shutdown.) Hope to see you then to say farewell to each other and all that Vivaty tried to be!

Jay Weber
Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer


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  2. APRIL FOOLS! Good one you guys! Don’t mess around like that. Love this game! – Parmes

  3. Oh if only it was an April fools Parmes 😦
    Sadly it is true and Vivaty shall be closed as of the 16th April.

  4. I wish that all the Vivaty team will be successful in the future in every thing they do, because for some time they gave us the best of themselves with Vivaty, that had the only defect of the enormous generosity of providing fun for free, and has left an enormous emptiness with their loss in the virtual worlds universe.

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