Careers with Vivaty, Inc.

Do you have a passion for the web? Are you obsessed with social media, the immersive web, virtual worlds or all of the above? Vivaty is currently searching for talented peeps to fill a few positions. If you would like to be considered for our needs, send your resume, cover letter and any relevant urls to jobs {at}



  1. Hello,I am Nitro101 i am looking for a job on vivaty and i think since i am eager always giving new ideas that my job should be to test these ideas please leave a response in my scene or my email,
    Thankyou have a good day

  2. Hi,
    I’m Tina an have been with vivaty since close to the beginning of viv.I would really like a job with decorating an imaging an possibly giving help to the new users. I have been kinda there advosary and have been very please to help. Alot of the vivaty users have also learned alot of decorating skills from me. I know I would be good for this position an would like the opportunity to show you my skills.I have experience in computers an some programming I worked with servers an radio frequency equipment.
    Thank you for your time,
    Please contact me through my e-mail or in my comments in my room
    Hope to hear from you,

    • I have not heard a response to my post an was just wondering if you had recieved it. Please reply to
      leave comment in my main scene .
      Thank you,

  3. Hello.
    I’d Like To Apply For The Role Of Idea Creater.
    I have played 100’s of online games andI know exactley what the people want.

    I have worked with Many games and am currently participting and 3 small flashgames

    I am also very talented in reporting bugs.
    I have a 2009 computerand can download anything I need to.

    Thankyou for reading
    A.K.A Ipulse

  4. and just fwi. My Avatars Username Is Elite

  5. i need a job. most likely a job selling stuff like a bartender or something. I can look after pets to. Tenshidoll

  6. I think I would be a good candiate to work for vivaty. I have been on Vivaty for almost a year. I am good at giving advice and instructions on how to use features on the site. People randomly come to me for decorating advice. I can help develop ideas for the site. I was the one who initiated the need for a Boot from scene feature. I have also been approached by vivaty staff for ideas on how to improve the site. And have had my scene featured on by Keith himself. I work well others and have postive attitude. Am always happy to help others.
    You can reach me by email at or contact me on vivaty.
    Thanks so much for your time,
    Crissangelfan78 AKA Alisha

  7. I would like to work for vivaty. I am great at selling things, like a bartender or waitress. I am great at meeting new people. I give excellent advice and help tons of people and friends. When someone is fighting I handel it as best as possible, and almost all of the time the fighting stops. I have skills in math, computers, and I have great ideas. If you need to reach me visit my scene or send me an e-mail at
    Thank you for listening and thank you for your time,
    Princessmeghan16, or Meghan

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